Here’s my vision for the voters of AZ-2, and what I will fight for:

  1. President Trump is a clear and present danger to our democracy, and must be defeated in November.
  2. COVID-19 has laid bare that Americans urgently need affordable, universal health care.
  3. Climate change is the existential problem of our lifetime, and that of our children.
  4. Our schools are underfunded, and our teachers are underpaid.
  5. The opioid crisis is devastating and urgent, and demands a comprehensive plan.
  6. Veterans and their families merit our unwavering support.
  7. The Latino population of southern Arizona and their needs deserve greater focus. I will fight for DACA, and for a permanent solution for Arizona’s dreamers.
  8. Trump’s “wall” is a colossal waste of money, an environmental disaster and completely ineffective. His wall around the White House is too, though at least it displays BLM protest art.
  9. We need to step up our game in renewable energy.  
  10. Citizens United is a monstrous step back; I won’t accept any corporate or corporate PAC money.