Meet Peter

Peter is a father, attorney, diplomat, Latino and life-long Democrat. 

He has spent his career serving the public as a diplomat at the State Department, as a senior staffer in the U.S. Congress, and as the COO and highest ranking U.S. official of a multilateral diplomatic organization that supports democracy and the rule of law from Canada to Argentina (the Organization of American States).  He has served as a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School, and has testified multiple times as a policy expert in the U.S. Congress on immigration, trade with Mexico and democracy.

Peter has a BA from Stanford University, an MA from The Fletcher School, and a JD from Berkeley Law. 

Peter lives in Arizona's second district with his wife, a former lawyer and MA graduate in Special Education from the University of Arizona, as well as their youngest son, who attends high school in Tucson. Peter's other two sons are away at school, one is completing a graduate degree on the east coast, and the other a rising senior at the University of Arizona.